Train-Play-Work-Live a Rugby Season in NZ

The Best - Train with the Best

MCTD has over 30 years' experience in sport, travel & education and offers independent high-performance pathways for players, teams and coaches to become top sports achievers.


As the exclusive UK talent partner for the World leading International Rugby Academy of New Zealand (IRANZ), MCTD

has designed the 'Live-Work-Train-Play a Rugby Season in New Zealand' opportunity to identify and nurture elite rugby talent by offering them a 'Once in a Lifetime' opportunity to train and live alongside the best in rugby.

Don't Dream it - Live it

IRANZ has been developing rugby players, coaches and teams from across 35 countries, into high performance rugby talent since 2002.


It is the most comprehensive rugby education provider in the world and represents some of the most qualified and highly-respected coaches and former players in World rugby.  

Once in a Lifetime Rugby Opportunity

Ready to get Started?


When you apply to 'Train-Play-Work-Live a Rugby Season in New Zealand', MCTD will fully assess your rugby skills, age, experience, individual circumstances and identify your specific needs. Only then do we aim to deliver a personalised, blended solution to strengthen your weaknesses and improve your strengths. 


We provide pathways for each player to reach their full potential, while keeping each rugby players' welfare and sporting future at the heart of what we do.

What aspects do you consider when an applicant applies for the programme?

No two individuals are the same so we customise our programme after considering the following aspects:

- Age

-Rugby playing experience and skills

-Entry suitability to the IRANZ Academy

-Availability of courses & training at the appropriate level &

player position

-Placement in a local rugby club to play for a season

-Immigration/visa entitlement (subject to criteria and regulations)

-Departure dates allowing for current player/club commitments

-Accommodation arrangements

-Travel arrangements

-Employment/Work opportunities

-Personal development plan

-Support needs

How much does the 'Live-Work-Train-Play a Rugby Season in New Zealand' programme cost?

  • The cost of the programme varies according to the length of stay, and what elements the individual wants to be added, or removed from the programme. MCTD will provide costs to the individual following a one-to-one discussion. 

How do I apply?

  • If you are serious about taking your talent to the next level, please click the link at the bottom of the page. One of the MCTD Team will contact you for a one-to-one, confidential discussion.

Develop your Mind,

Body & Soul

From snow covered mountains, crystal clear rivers, lush wineries, and vibrant cities to some of the most beautiful, unspoilt beaches in the world, New Zealand has it all.


Discover all this and its sporting and cultural heritage, while you develop yourself

and your dreams.

Are You Ready to Take Your Rugby to the Next Level?


For a one-to-one, confidential discussion with MCTD  about this 'Once in a Lifetime' opportunity to: train at the IRANZ Rugby Academy in NZ; play a rugby season at a NZ club and if you could qualify for a NZ visa with permission to take employment while you live in NZ (conditions apply), please click the button below.


One of the MCTD Team will contact you to discuss how we can help you take your rugby to the next level.

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